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Are MgO Boards Okay For Outdoor Use?

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards are the next big thing in construction. Homeowners love them because they are resistant to fire, mold, and those dreaded termites. Construction workers find them useful because they are durable and lightweight at the same time.

As one of the leading MgO board suppliers in the United States, we get a lot of questions from clients. One of the most common ones is: Are MgO boards okay for exterior use?

This blog has all the details.

Why use MgO externally?

MgO boards are becoming increasingly popular in construction because of the numerous benefits they have to offer; they’re strong, resistant to water, fire retardant, and are available in various thicknesses for an improved R-Value. They are also environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient, making them quite popular in various European and Scandinavian countries.

With all these benefits, it comes as no surprise that builders are looking at MgO boards for external applications too. However, incorrect usage has led to some problems.

What problems occur with external use?

Recently, several incidents have come to light regarding the use of MgO boards outdoors. This includes bent panels, cracking near joints, and delamination of decoration material. In some cases, bent panels have exerted undue pressure on surrounding tiles and marble, causing it to crack and fall off.

Why are these problems coming up?

Most MgO boards are suitable for primarily indoor use, in conditions of low humidity. Since it’s a relatively new product, many construction personnel are unaware of its complete usage and applications.

Unfortunately, some suppliers make use of this information scarcity and sell MgO boards that are not intended for external use to unknowing customers. This is why we recommend checking the durability report and the chloride content test report before placing any orders.

What can be done to improve their outdoor performance?

Exterior grade MgO boards are produced by very few manufacturers in China. They are based on scientific reinforcement designs, require select raw material, and undergo climate-resistant treatment under strict conditions.

Even for exterior-grade MgO boards, we recommend designing a rain cavity or using a wall sealant to minimize heat and moisture exchange. Also consider covering them with a protective layer, such as paint.

For the best results, always choose a credible manufacturer who can give you high-quality products. MagMatrix Group owns the industry’s most advanced production facility, and we routinely carry out quality inspection tests to ensure our products meet high-quality standards.

We offer a variety of MgO board products such as fire-resistant flooring boards and sheathing boards to our clients.

For more information, drop us a message or call 86-335-3327878

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