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All The Benefits Of An MgO Board That Contractors Need To Know Of

MgO boards are a fairly new multipurpose building material being used in the United States. These boards are useful and versatile in the construction of structures. The use of magnesia in construction was first introduced back when the Great Wall of China was built. Adding mortar to magnesia improved the strength of the mortar and its testament can be seen to this day.

Here are some of the benefits of using MgO boards in the construction of homes:

Fire resistant

Fires are a major problems in homes, office buildings, and other commercial properties. Within seconds a fire can begin and spread through the property, affecting lives and damaging property. Around 3,645 people died in fires in 2017 and the most common cause of residential fires was heating equipment and electrical fires.

Fire-resistant flooring can prevent fire from spreading as quickly indoors. It can potentially save lives and safe your property.

Safe for health

In the past building materials like asbestos were found to be extremely dangerous to health. Asbestos was once commonly used in the construction of homes. As time passed health issues began to develop and asbestos fibers were to blame. Asbestos causes Asbestosis, a chronic lung condition that can scar lung tissue. MgO has been developed keeping in mind the health of inhabitants. It doesn’t contain any chemicals like silica dust, VOCs, asbestos, or formaldehyde that can cause health issues.

Water resistant

Water damage is a pertinent problem in many homes. Water can seep through the roof, damp spots can develop in the walls, or a slab leak can damage your home’s foundation. Excess moisture also promotes the growth of mold and mildew that can cause health issues. MgO has been developed to be water-resistant. This means it repels water and prevents structural damage to the property.

Termite proof

Termites are known to feed on wood and weaken it. Wooden paneling in your home can be significantly damaged by termites which affects the structural integrity of your home. Invest in MgO boards instead. They are termite proof and incredibly strong and flexible.

Environmentally friendly

MgO boards are being produced all over the world in a sustainable way. Its manufacturing process isn’t energy intensive, unlike Portland Cement. It also doesn’t include hazardous compounds like hexavalent chromium.

Magnesium Matrix Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd is a renowned name in MgO board industry. Our products includes a range of MgO boards, from flooring boards to prefabricated modular walls. It’s a full-scale Magnesium Oxide board product range that you can order online. You can also check out more of our products here.

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