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A1 Non-Combustible Building Board -- MagMatrix High Tech Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Fire Board

A1 Non-Combustible Building Board -- MagMatrix High Tech Magnesium Oxide Sulfate Fire Board

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO Fire Boards are a newest and revolutionary medium density multi-application magnesium oxide board with sulfate formula and totally chloride free any more. It is a highly durable A1 non-combustible building board for use in applications where demand a combination of moisture and thermal resistance as well as superior performance in fire resistance.

Our MagMatrix Sulfate MgO board will not rot and can be used as an alternative to chipboard, plywood or wood-based cement particle board and internal cement board or Promat's fire protection board where greater dimensional stability is required. It could applied for decorative fire resistant board, structural steel fire protection board, structural insulated panels, moisture resistant panels, fire board, fire rated render carrier board and fire resistant subfloor board and modular building systems.

MagMatrix Fire Rated Wallboard

A1 Non-combustible Fire Buiding Board 

MagMatrix Multi-Support series MgO Sulfae Board is a excellent passive fire protection board which will satisfy the needs of many type with its highly dimensionally stable. It is also vestable and can be used in many forms of construction where plywood is currently used. It offers many adaptable solutions to suit a wide range of applications while helping stay within a construction specification & budget.

MagMatrix Multi-Support Series MgO Sulfate Board has the ability to achieve over 90 minutes fire protection for loaded floors with thickness of 16mm and 19mm.

MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Board

It has also could achieve 60 minutes fire resistance with a single layer of board either side of a steel stud partition and timber structural in modular buildings.

There are more and more benefits to using MagMatrix Sulfate Fire Board in your project due to its superior attributes that will help you achieve in excellent FRLs

MagMatrix Group offers the most advanced MgO Sulfate production line and facility. Moreover we have strict the quality control systems in place for material processing, molding, aging and other production processes to maximize batch consistency and product quality.

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