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6 Uses of MgO Boards

MgO boards, or magnesium oxide boards, are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry. They've been there for a while, but few people outside the industry are aware of their existence or how they're used.

This is due to the fact that people have always chosen drywall since they think it is easier to deal with. MgO boards, on the other hand, are just as straightforward to set up, if not easier. Furthermore, they are more environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

In this blog, we'll look at where MgO boards can be used ideally.

Uses of Magnesium Oxide Boards

Magnesium oxide boards are popular among interior and exterior builders because of their superior water and fire resistance. Based on these features, they have a variety of uses.

Wall Sheathings

MgO panels are great for wall sheathings. These panels are stronger and more durable compared to gypsum and will last long without any issues.

Shaft Liners

MgO boards are appropriate for shaft liners as well. Shaft liners are usually for fire protection purposes, and MgO boards' excellent resistance to heat and fire is a useful resource.

Tile Backer

Tile backers are boards beneath your tiles on wet surfaces like bathrooms or kitchens. MgO boards are resistant to water and don't absorb any of it, which makes them a suitable choice for tile backers as well.

Ceilings Boards

Having fireproof ceiling boards is again a necessity to avoid any fire-related accidents. MgO boards fit the criteria for the perfect material for ceiling boards

Wall Panels

Wall panels used to be made of fiber, cement, or wooden boards. All these things are less durable than MgO boards and are also prone to fire, water, and even mold and mildew. MgO boards are synthetically made non-organic boards perfect for wall paneling.


Fascia is an exterior component of your home and requires a sturdy and durable material. MgO not only lasts longer, but it also fairs well when exposed to natural elements, making it very useful when it comes to fascia.

Despite being as robust as stones, MgO boards are surprisingly easy to cut. It would be preferable to use a thin carbide saw (low speed and round). Angle grinders, on the other hand, can be used. It's also feasible to just score and snap with a razor, although the result will be less than perfect. MgO boards are simple to paint or plaster, which makes them a joy to deal with.

If you want to use MgO sheathing boards for your house, MagMatrix Boards offers one of the highest quality MgO boards. We make Magnesium Oxide Oxysulphate cement boards used as exterior sheathing boards and floor panels. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our products.

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