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3 Places to Install a Fire Protection Board

According to the International Building Code, spaces must adhere to fire resistance ratings of elements, components, or assemblies per test procedures outlined in section 703.3. Fire protection systems are designed in line with these regulations and recommendations.

Fire protection systems are built to contain the fire in one place if there is an outbreak. Due to this, it is important to know the critical places to install a fire protection board. Using fire-resistant boards is important, and MgO boards perform good fire-resistance functionality. MagMatrix specializes in MgO boards and manufactures different purpose-built varieties. Explore our website to learn more.

However, buying the right products is not enough; placement plays a huge part. Following are 3 key places to install a fire protection board:

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

One important juncture to install fire protection boards is all walls, ceilings, and floors. Passive Fire Protection (PFPs) insulate and redistribute heat, but they can also be used as fire barriers that separate areas, enable ventilation, and protect hardware or appliances.

MgO Board products, such as Magmatrix Fire Rate Structural Sheathing Board and the perseverance MgO board, have received different ASTM test reports, qualifying for different levels of fire resistance. These materials can be used in the construction of walls, ceilings, and floors to act as fire barriers.

Beams and Columns

It is important to install fire protection boards along beams and columns. This has an important effect on slowing down a fire. It helps in meeting hourly fire rating requirements. Using fire-rated sheathing panels produced by MagMatrix allows other surfaces and building materials to be hoisted on top of these panels. This makes it an excellent and safe choice for engineers and architects who can incorporate these fire protection boards in their designs.

Metal Decking

Fire protection boards can also line and seal metal decks. It is an efficient solution, especially in places where an overhaul of fireproofing is not permitted due to community restrictions. It can also be used in situations where spray applications are not possible due to different kinds of mechanical works or plumbing jobs.

Shop MagMatrix MgO Fire Resistance Sheathing Panels

Fire-rated sheathing board is designed to maintain the structural integrity of a building in case a fire breaks out. Since it goes underneath different building materials and has heat-resistant properties, it will contain the fire from within. To be precise, it offers about 1-2 hours of fire resistance in commercial as well as residential buildings, which makes it an excellent installation for fire protection.

Get in touch with MagMatrix today and get all the information you need for installing fire protection boards. Find options that complement your designs, protect your structures, and keep you safe from unseen circumstances.

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