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3 Hazards Restaurant Workers Should Be Aware Of

Restaurant services are incomplete without the contribution of their restaurant workers. From the Head chef to the waiters, they ensure that our food cravings our satisfied and accompanied with excellent service. As safe as the job of restaurant workers may seem, this is far from the truth.

Restaurant environments have many hazards that could induce work related injuries. However, being aware of these hazards and enrolling in a food handler training can help reduce these risks. SafeCheck provides different courses available across Canada on food safety and food handler training.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through 3 hazards that every restaurant worker must be aware of to ensure their safety. Read on to learn more.


One of the major hazards to beware of is Covid-19. Researchers and studies have suggested and shown that contact of Covid-19 is at a higher risk in restaurants. That can be for multiple reasons, one being direct contact with food that might not be sanitary.

Furthermore, a study from South Korea published that the coronavirus can travel farther than the typical six-foot social distancing radius in a very short time. Therefore, restaurant settings must be outdoors and at a safer distance to minimize contact.

For further information and awareness, register yourself for our food and safety course online available across Canada at affordable prices.

2-Beware of Food Allergens

As per being a restaurant worker, knowing about food allergens is very vital. The wrong food could trigger some food allergies and symptoms due to a reaction. Be careful with food allergens, most importantly know the major ones.

If you’re not aware of them, don’t worry we’ve got a detailed Food Allergen course for restaurant workers. If a customer mentions a food they are allergic to, make sure that food is not served to them. In case of an allergic reaction, report as soon as you can to your head, do not waste a second.

3-Fire Hazards

In a restaurant environment, fire incidents are prone to occur. Restaurant workers have to keep an eye out for fires, beware of gas leaks, inflammatory substances, and any conductors that could eventually cause a fire.

Don’t panic about the safety of your restaurants and workplaces. At SafeCheck, we offer food safety handling and food safety courses as well and so much more. Get your trainings and get certified at affordable prices available throughout Canada! Get in touch with us at SafeCheck or call us at 866-205-9129.

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