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3 Basic Safety Precautions Offices Need to Have

One might think working in a climate controlled and comfy office environment would be safe and hazard free. Yes, compared to other environments like, say, construction sites, they do have a lower injury risk rate. However, it still doesn’t offer a completely safe environment for its employees.

Despite these injury rates being less, they still do exist. We can always prevent hazards by taking some precautions. For the prevention of these hazards, you could always get workplace safety training. At SafeCheck, we provide workplace safety training along with workplace safety certifications throughout Canada.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through 3 basic safety precautions your offices must take to ensure a safe work environment. Read on to learn more.

1. Don’t Break Your Hip; Avoid Slips and Trips

Beware when walking through office floors. Unattended spills and wet floors can cause slips and falls. Outdoor slip hazards are often created by weather conditions like ice, snow, rain, etc., causing stairways, entry and exits to get damp and slippery. Employees and staff are prone to injury in some case by slipping and tripping over.

Did you know that slips and trips are one of the top three leading causes of work related injuries? According to the National Safety Council (NSC) slips and trips the most common incidents and cause numerous injuries.

To prevent any injury caused by slips and trips, be sure to keep your office floors dry. In case of any spills, use caution signs to give a heads up to the employees and staff. Also avoid haphazard wires, which may also contribute to trips. To ensure maximum safety and precautions, join our workplace safety training course, Slip Trip & Fall Prevention (STFP) available all across Canada.

2-Set Up Your Workstations Ergonomically

For your comfort and posture, make sure to set up you workstations ergonomically, and position yourself with maximum comfort in your work environments. A strained or uncomfortable position can cause certain Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) affects the blood vessels, muscles and tendons as well. Make use of ergonomics in your workplace to keep your posture good and reduce the risk of muscular injuries.

3-Follow Safety Procedures in Your Office

Be sure to follows safety procedures in your office and also make sure your employees are aware of these procedures. Considering current pandemic times, sanitization must be a priority. SOPs must be implemented and followed at all times.

Other safety procedures in cases of fire, destruction or any other catastrophes must be followed. A safe precaution would be to conduct drills for employees to help them understand the procedures.

Hazards and accidents can be prevented to a certain extent by basic safety precautions. The more you know, the safer your offices and workplace will be. Our courses at Safe Check provide assistance and certificated workplace safety training to ensure safety. So stay safe and get our courses right away. Contact us at Safe Check or call us at 866-205-9129.

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