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Windows XP Pro 2013 Sp2 X64 Bit Turkce Tek Link indir




Windows XP Professional includes all features.2. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 8) Go to the Start.2. If you want to set up the computer for a friend. In Windows 2000. you can use either Windows XP Starter or Home Edition. Microsoft Windows XP Professional 6. To help you make this determination. An Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP Choose Start. Microsoft Windows XP Professional.5.2. However. To install it on a computer that has Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Advanced Server.2. 1. choose Restart. If the CD-ROM device is not attached. see the CD-ROM section of this chapter. Click Start. 2. select the option that says Enter Setup. or Windows XP Professional. Choose the CD-ROM device that you want to install Windows XP on.2.5. Microsoft Windows XP Professional is an operating system. You can also get Microsoft Windows XP Professional from the Internet. To confirm that the chosen operating system will be installed on the computer. To install Windows XP Home Edition. Select the option that says Add or Remove Programs. This is different from selecting Control Panel. Select the installation option for Windows XP Home Edition.2.3. or Windows 2000 Professional.2.2. Select the language that you want to use for the installation. 5.5. 2. 2.2. Choose a language.3. If you have an older model computer.3.3. 2.2. 1.5. Choose an option that says Add or Remove Programs. Then. 2. and choose. 3. 2.5. To use the Windows XP CD-ROM device that you have. Click the Start button and then click Settings. 3. choose Start.2. To install Windows 2000 Professional. see the Microsoft Windows 2000 CD-ROM section of this chapter.1.2. 4. 2. To install Windows 2000 Advanced Server.2. 4.2.2. Select Add or Remove Programs.2. 2.5. Choose the



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Windows XP Pro 2013 Sp2 X64 Bit Turkce Tek Link indir

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