Product Description:


MagMatrix ultra-strength MgO Sulfate Fire Boards, are composed mainly of magnesium oxysulfate cement, know for their durability and anti-aging properties, this composition provides our boards effective resistance against alkaline and water vapor erosion. With a service life of over 50 years, these board can endure 100 cycles of freeze-thaw tests with almost no reductions in structural volume or material strength. Moreover, they are a low cost, high-quality material that requires no special maintenance, and in the even of localized damages, the boards can be direct repaired or if necessary replaced, without any effect to the overall structure.  


Product Advantages:


When implemented as part of a standard fire assembly, are incombustible and can improve fire suppression by up to 2 to 4 hours. Our Magnesia Cement Board with Ultra-strength feathers, are not only odorless and emit no toxic gasses or smoke when burnt but also adhere to the environmental protection requirements of most modern buildings. 


Product Application:


Applications include exterior wall hangings, subways, tunnesl and fire board and so on. 

Ultra-Strength MgO Sulfate Fire Board