MagMatrix Sulfate Magnesium Oxide Fire Rated Acoustic Board is made MagMatrix high-end sulfate MgO fireboard and laminated with HPL lamination surface and backside it is embedded with black non-woven cloths to get high lamination function. And we are using fuller hot glue for the best lamination. 


Size: 2440mm*197mm*12mm/15mm/18mm

Type: 6/4/3/2 Strips on 197mm Wide 

Fire Rating: A1 Non-combustible fire rating. 

Density: 1200kg/m³

Bending strength: 8-15Mpa

Impact strength: 2.0-3.6kJ/m2

Absorption moisture: ≤8%

Dry shrinkage rate: ≤0.3%

Installation method: Hanging parts installation, nail installation, etc.

Application: Theater, cinema, recording studio, office, television broadcasting station, gymnasium,conference hall, multifunction hall, recording studios, cinema, boardrooms,theatres, churches, court rooms, hotel foyers, reception areas, schools, KTV and villa.

MagMatrix Sulfate MgO Fire Rated Acoustic Board