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MagMatrix Water & Moisture Resistant TileBacker Board


MagMatrix Water & Moisture Resistant TileBacker Board is made and developed from China the most advanced technology on MgSO4 chloride-free Magnesium FireBoard to solve the problems happened from Chloride MgO corrosive headque problem on steels and screws. We are using the most developed Sulfate MgO board technology that is chloride-free with Intertek Test Report available. 

MagMatrix TileBacker Board is a modern practical construction material of outstanding performance. It is non-toxic, contains no hazardous volatiles and is asbestos and formaldehyde-free.


MagMatrix TileBoard is a water-resistant tile backer board that will not swell rot or degrade over time and can accept a number of finishes including wall and floor tiles. When MagMatrix Tile Backer Board is used and installed as per the recommended guidelines, these problems should not occur.


MagMatrix Tile Backer Board is manufactured using inorganic substances and alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh. The product is naturally cured using no energy through cold fusion unlike similar competitive products on the market which use autoclaving technology. This ensures that MagMatrix TileBacker Board has a relatively low impact on the environment.


MagMatrix Tile Backer Board achieves its superior strength and flexibility by the introduction of two layers of alkaline resistant glass fiber mesh. Consistent high quality of the product is maintained and monitored through a sophisticated digitally controlled process to ensure a superior finished board always reaches our commitment to quality assurance.

MagMatrix Tile backer is a mineral-based, homogeneous, environmentally friendly product with a manufacturing process that produces very little in the way of C02 emissions, unlike cement particle and gypsum boards which both generate high levels of CO2. It helps to provide a safe and healthy living environment whilst being a great surface to tile onto.


It is available in 6mm and 12mm, board sizes are 1200mm x 800mm and 1200mm × 1200mm. The boards are easy to use and the performance and structure are unaffected by moisture, thus this Boards can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications including damp locations such as shower areas, bathrooms, and wet rooms. MagMatrix Tilebacker can also be formed to follow gentle curves and is very stable and does not expand or contract when subject to temperature changes.

Worldwide Top Excellent Fire Rating Levels

MagMatrix Tile Backer Board is mainly made from the Magnesium Oxide Oxysulphate (MOS) with the newest technology. Magnesium Oxide is an excellent fireproof material which owns the melting point of 5,166°F (2,852°C), and the Boiling point: 6,512°F (3,600°C) which owns very excellent fire rated levels. Our Fire rated moisture resistant tile backer board is fire-resistant to extremely high temperatures (1200ºC).

Technical Data Sheet

MagMatrix Tile Backer Board - Moisture and mold sensitive areas like kitchens and bathrooms are particularly prone to the negative influence of water on tile backer boards. Whereas traditional materials such as plywood and plasterboard and fiber cement boards are liable to break or disintegrate when wet, we have confidence that your job will last with a board that stays strong and firm, no matter how damp or wet it gets. Get the best protection against moisture damage when you use MagMatrix tiling backer board. It’s the floor tiling backer board of choice wherever superior performance is required.

With its unique and most advanced chloride-free MgO Sulfate board formula and technology, MagMatrix sulfate tile backer board has no loose aggregates or fillers, making a strong and uniform tile backer board.

It is also unlike the Gypsum and Plywood and Cement Board products which are commonly applied as a tiling substrate in showers where stud walls are common. Both these substrates are susceptible to deterioration if moisture penetrates through a crack or joint on a tiled wall or floor. Constant moisture penetration will cause bother products to degrade over time and result in moisture-related problems. MagMatrix Tile Backer Board will definitely avoid these problems. It is a water-resistant backer board that will not swell rot or degrade over time and can accept a number of finishes including wall and floor tiles. 

Key Benefits
  • Excellent dimensional stability

  • Excellent bending strength

  • Severe Duty Rated for the impact that is 10 times than plasterboard

  • Euroclass A1 rated for reaction to fire

  • Vapour permeable

  • Weather-resistant – will not delaminate or bow

  • High pull-out strength – screw fix or nail (More than 2000N.m)

  • Mould and mildew resistant

  • Verified low embodied carbon

  • 100% non-hazardous material

  • Category 1 racking strength


The board is non- toxic and free from formaldehyde, benzenes, solvents and oil-based chemicals. The boards are certified as free of hazardous or deleterious material. MagMatrix TileBacker Board provides an excellent compatible surface to a wide range of finishing materials like paints, tiles, veneers, and laminates. 


• Internal Wet Areas

• Tile Backer Board

• Kitchens

• Bathroom

• Swimming Pool

• High Moisture Areas

• Underfloor Heating Systems

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