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MagMatrix MagPro Fire-Rated Drywall Board -- A Green Fire Rated Gypsum Panels 

A1 Non-Combustible | High Bending Structural Strength | Asbestos Free | Moisture Resistance | Non-Flame and Smoke Spread | Score & Snap Cutting | Strong Srew Holding Strength | Environmental Friendly | Chloride Free | Non-corrosive on Metal & Steel Structures
Fire Rating Performance

Fire Rating Performance: MagMatrix Magnesium Fire Resistant Drywall 12mm single thickness achieves 60 minutes fire resistance with a single layer of board either side of a steel stud partition and walls and 120 minutes for the internal partition & lining systems. 


MagMatrix Sulfate Magnesium Oxide Fire-Rated Drywall board is a medium density MgO board that is embedded with 2 layers of high tensile glass fiber meshes layers to achieve all-around outstanding mechanical properties power for fire-rated wallboard. It is EN13501-1 A1 non-combustible, which has a low environmental impact and provides a very stable substrate to combine with various surface finishes for the construction industry where have the fire-resistant request. We have two formulas for this model. One is the magnesium sulfate oxide which is totally chlorine-free and we can issue the Intertek test report for clients and the market. Another one is the chlorine magnesium sulfate oxide formula which we control strictly the chlorine content below 0.06% level. All the bending strength is 10-14Mpa. 

It is a more environmentally-friendly material than some other more traditional building materials.  The production of the MgO fire-resistant board is energy efficient and produces few greenhouse gases.  This is a potential factor in the increasing popularity of the material. It is slightly absorptive, meaning that it is possible to paint and bond to the surface.

​It is designed for direct render applications to form the external façades of commercial and domestic properties that utilize hybrid frames structures.

Available in 9mm & 12mm, it offers the perfect substrate board for acrylic and cementitious render in external locations and is suitable for the steel frame and timber frame construction.

Manufacture Process

MagMatrix Magnesium Fire-Rated Drywall is manufactured with high-end magnesium oxide powder taking more than 70% content with inorganic substances and alkaline resistant high tensile fiberglass meshes. The MgO board is naturally cured using no energy through cold fusion. It is inorganic and has no toxic inputs. It contains no formaldehyde, fly ash or crystalline silica – ingredients/inputs found in plywood, OSB, fiber cement and gypsum-based building materials. It achieves superior strength and flexibility with the input of alkaline resistant glass fibers meshes which supports our board get a unique high-performance structural property. Our MgO board undergoes a low energy manufacturing process, as much as 50% less than competing building products and actually absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its exothermic curing process.

Technical Property Data
Manufacture Video
Why Choose MagMatrix Magnesium Oxide Fire Rated Drywall Board

MagMatrix Magnesium Fire-Rated Drywall is a high performance, vapor open, moisture-resistant carrier board compatible with polymeric, acrylic, lime, silicone and cement render applications. 

The board is non- toxic and free from formaldehyde, benzenes, solvents and oil-based chemicals. The boards are certified as free of hazardous or deleterious material. Unlike almost all other Magnesium Oxide or Cement particle boards, MagMatrix is vapor open.

Vapour open with the highest levels of fire protection and racking strength  It is setting new standards in building performance there really is nothing else like this on the market for use in timber or steel frame for direct applied render finish.

It is a high strength board manufactured using inorganic substances and reinforcement meshes which provide excellent dimensional stability.

120 minutes fire board

A1 Non-Combustible Building Board 

MagMatrix Magnesium Fire-Rated Drywall is a vapor-permeable, A1 non-combustible magnesium oxide building board that offers excellent dimensional stability while boasting the ability to resist moisture, frost, mold, and impact and offering excellent fire resistance and is resistant to frost, moisture, and impact and has been tested for use with a variety of internal applications.

Main Features

The board is a breathable, hygroscopic and capillary active material, which are crucial environmental properties to take into account when designing airtight dwellings and retrofitting of solid wall ‘hard to heat’ homes. The breathability of the product allows for the absorption and release of moisture which provides a safer and healthier working environment and overall structure.

  • non- toxic

  • free from formaldehyde,

  • Contains no benzenes,

  • Contains no solvents

  • It contains no oil-based chemicals.

  • Certified as free of hazardous or deleterious material.

It has a wide range of other advantages over comparative boards the key ones are

  • Breathable

  • Fire resistant

  • Ultra-low environmental impact

Key Benefits

  • Excellent dimensional stability

  • Excellent bond strength

  • Severe Duty Rated for impact

  • Euroclass A1 rated for reaction to fire

  • Easy to handle and cut on-site

  • Vapour permeable

  • Weather-resistant – will not delaminate or bow

  • High pull-out strength – screw fix or nail

  • Mould and mildew resistant

  • Verified low embodied carbon

  • 100% nonhazardous material

  • Category 1 racking strength

  • Suitable for offsite pre-rendered panels

  • Also suitable for exterior paint application

Features and Benefits for MagMatrix Fire Rated Render Board

MagMatrix Magnesium Fire Resistant Drywall typical benefits


• EN13501-1 A1 Non-combustible 
• Rot and Mold Resistant
• Highly Impact Resistant
• Excellent Acoustic Performance
• Suitable for lightweight steel and timber frame systems
• Easy Score and Snap workability

• Excellent dimensional stability

Key Applications
  • Internal Linings

  • Ceilings

  • Internal fire board

  • Tile Backer Board for moisture resistant

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